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14 Oct 2013 Posted by Ashley Hall | Comments

Auto Insurance Quotes for the Top Selling Cars in 2013

Which Top-Selling 2013 Vehicle Gets the Best Insurance Rates? EINSURANCE Has the Answer!


Auto Insurance Quotes for Top Selling Cars from the First Three Months of 2013

Summer is coming, and thousands of people are thinking of buying a new car this year. And why not? The American auto industry is making a big comeback, offering well-made vehicles that the public wants to buy again.

This year, 10 models by five different car companies dominated the best-selling lists, led all three months by two pick-up trucks, the Ford F-Series and the Chevy Silverado. The top-selling sedan was the Toyota Camry, and other popular passenger cars included the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Ford Fusion.

The only SUV on the list was the Ford Escape, but this model includes all of the features that have made SUVs popular for nearly 20 years, without the notoriously poor gas mileage and large size.

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07 Sep 2013 Posted by Ashley Hall | Comments

Is Car Insurance Cheaper If You Drive a Hybrid Car?

As the price of gasoline continues to inch upward (a national average of $3.10 per gallon as of February 2, 2011), maybe you’re thinking about buying one of the 30 different hybrid cars currently on the market.  You’re not alone. After a bit of a drop off in sales in 2010,’s Market Dashboard reported a significant uptick  last month when U.S. dealers moved 19,463 hybrids off their lots, an increase of 12.1% over January 2010. Although hybrids are pricier than cars with traditional internal combustion engines, fans are attracted to the lower operating cost. But does that extend to car insurance for hybrids?  Since insurance is a big part of the lifetime ownership costs of any vehicle, here are some things to consider before you buy a hybrid or, if you’ve already purchased one, things to know when shopping for hybrid car insurance quotes.

Some insurance carriers do offer insurance discounts for hybrid cars, often as much as 10%. This may b

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27 Jul 2013 Posted by Ashley Hall | Comments

Store and Access Insurance Policies in an Online Safe Deposit Box

Good for you! You  applied for competitive health insurance quotes and car insurance quotes at . You secured a health insurance policy and auto insurance policy that fit your needs and budget. You patted yourself on the back and breathed a sigh of relief. You’re covered.

Then five months later, you have an accident and you’re seriously injured. You need to review your policies but you can’t remember where you put them and you spend hours digging through drawers, file folders, shoe boxes and closet shelves. Or worse, you’re incapacitated and your spouse, partner or family member has no clue where you’ve put your insurance policies and other vital documents.

The solution to this scenario couldn’t be simpler or more affordable. My Vault®  is a digital asset management service that provides private online storage for files, documents and other important information in a secure environment.  You can access your My Vault account from anywhere, even your hospital bed.  With My Vault yo

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07 Jul 2013 Posted by Ashley Hall | Comments

How to Buy Car Insurance Online

The early numbers on Cyber Monday 2011 are in. According to Coremetrics, sales for this year’s Cyber Monday beat last 2010’s by 13.7% and topped this year’s Black Friday by 24.1%. The average dollar amount per online order was up, too, from $130.24 in 2008 to $180.03 this year. Now that you’ve “saved” all that money by spending more (hmmmm?), let’s look at some ways to save more on something you actually need: car insurance. Not as exciting as a new mega-flat screen or an iPhone 4S, but one of life’s
necessities, none the less. And a 2011 J.D. Powers report says you can save from 10 to 15% by buying car insurance online. Here are some tips to help you be a savvier online car insurance shopper

Use a aggregate site like Einsurance to get the maximum number of competitive quotes. It doesn’t take

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17 Jun 2013 Posted by Ashley Hall | Comments

Auto Insurance Basics for Your Home-Based Business

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that resignations rose steadily in 2011, with nearly 2 million American workers giving notice last September – the highest number since November 2008. Since we doubt that all those folks won the lottery, it’s probably a safe bet that many decided to start their own home-based businesses. In fact, people who track these things predict the home office market will add nearly 2 million new home-based businesses by 2015. If you’re planning to be your own boss, one of things you need to
understand is the impact of using your personal vehicle for business-related purposes. So, here are the auto insurance basics for home-based business owners.

One of the biggest mistakes home-based business owners make is assuming their personal car insurance will cover the use of their vehicle for business. That

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06 Jun 2013 Posted by Ashley Hall | Comments

Don’t count to ten

An important rule for drivers is not to get behind the wheel when they have a lot on their mind or feel angry.

Apparently, being in control of a vehicle when you’re mulling over your problems or feel like punching something is not a good idea – it could end in you being involved in a crash.

So, how do you avoid feelings of worry and anger as a driver?

Well, I can’t help you with the worry – do some yoga or create your own Zen garden or something – but Ohio State University scientists have discovered a way of dealing with anger.

After conducting tests on a group of students, the research team found that counting to ten is one of the worst things you can do in an attempt to deal with rage.
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25 May 2013 Posted by Ashley Hall | Comments

Avoid That Sinking Feeling With Term Life Insurance!

Now that the Dow is back up where people are feeling optimistic, or at least relieved to have regained some worth in their retirement accounts, its time to take a little preventive medicine to avoid that upset stomach the next time the bottom falls out. While I share that relief that some recovery has happened, and I can tell you that, and this is just me, I have no optimism at all about 14,000 just being a mile marker on the way to 16,000. The government has all but sealed the deal for our economy to stall and fall again and again.

So, while youre not feeling abandoned and battered consider something small to offset that next roller coaster dip. If it never comes, thats great. If it does you will at least be able to say you proactively planned for it. Each time the bottom has dropped out  our financial world I have reminded people that an ounce of prevention really can feel like a pound of cure if you have investment term life insurance in force that is equal to about half of your nest egg.

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23 May 2013 Posted by Ashley Hall | Comments

How New Car Insurance Rates Determined?

New car insurance rates can vary dramatically. Have you ever wondered how to determine these rates? There are many factors you may want to consider before buying a car if you are worried about the price of insurance for new cars.

It’s the law that your vehicle is insured. For new car insurance, there are many factors that determine insurance premiums you pay. The type of car you drive is more important. How is your driving record and the number of choices on their insurance? A good way to get a better idea which broadens their premiums could be in is to understand what the car insurance group of your new car belongs. There are at least 20 different groups of auto insurance high performance cars in the top of the 20 groups.

These are the factors considered for new vehicles to define the group they belong to:

New car values

Price is important, especially for the cost of replacement and repair. <

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